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Gossip secret: perfume containing musk may cause infertility? Article source: popular science WeChat public number of China has a song called perfume toxic, do not know if you have heard, but the next we said this rumor, and perfume is related. News reports say that a woman who has been using perfume for three years has never been able to conceive because of the musk in her perfume. In addition, in the TV series "The Legend of Zhen Huan", we also see a similar plot: a few small main palace in the fighting, there is a small main use of musk that another can not be pregnant…… So, it’s believed that musk can make women unable to conceive. Is it true? Is the perfume lurking around us really poisonous? Whether musk will affect the human body or not, we should start with the origin of musk. Musk from mammalia animal natural musk deer glands secretion. These animals produce musk to attract the opposite sex. In China, as well as ancient India, musk was used as a drug. In 1906, the first three methyl fifteen ketone, also known as musk ketone, was synthesized. Due to the scarcity of natural musk, artificial musk became popular. In the end is not the musk lead to female infertility, we cannot see the palace douju conclusion, don’t listen to rumors. In the 80s of last century, scientists began to experiment with synthetic musk: 20 mg of artificial musk was injected into mice every day by subcutaneous injection, and it was found that the proportion of female mice pregnant decreased by 17%~40%. In 1987, Japanese scientists tested the smooth muscle of the uterus that had been isolated from the uterus, and found that low doses of musk did cause contractions of the uterine smooth muscle, but the high concentration of musk inhibited the contraction of the uterine smooth muscle. This means that if the dose of musk is large, it has no effect on the body. Even so, it still can not prove that musk can lead to female infertility, because the experiments are very high doses of musk intake. If you inhale a small amount of musk will lead to female infertility, which is unscientific. Editor: Hu Qingmei

流言揭秘:香水含麝香易致不孕?   文章来源:科普中国微信公众号   有一首歌叫做《香水有毒》,不知道大家有没有听过,但接下来我们所说的这条流言,就和香水有关系。有新闻报道说,一位女士因为三年以来长期使用香水,而香水中的麝香使她一直不能够怀孕。除此之外,在电视剧《甄嬛传》中,我们也看到有类似的情节:几位宫里的小主在斗得不可开交时,有一位小主使用了麝香让另外一位不能怀孕……这样看来,大家都相信麝香会使女性不能怀孕。这究竟是真的吗?潜伏在我们身边的香水,真的有毒吗?   关于麝香到底会不会对人体产生影响,这就要从麝香的由来说起。麝香来自于哺乳纲麝科动物腺体的天然分泌。这类动物分泌麝香来吸引异性。在中国,还有古印度,都会把麝香作为药物来运用。   1906年,首次人工合成了三甲基十五烷酮,又叫麝香酮。由于天然麝香因为数量稀少,人工麝香开始风靡。到底是不是麝香导致女性不孕,我们不能看宫斗剧下结论,也不能听信谣言。   上世纪80年代,科学家开始对人工合成的麝香进行实验:每天20毫克人工麝香通过皮下注射的方式注射到小老鼠体内,的确发现雌性老鼠怀孕的比例下降了17%~40%。   1987年,日本科学家将已经脱离体外的子宫平滑肌浸泡在天然麝香中进行实验,发现低剂量的麝香的确会导致子宫平滑肌的收缩,但浓度高的麝香反倒会抑制子宫平滑肌的收缩。这意味着麝香剂量大的话,对身体反倒没有什么影响。   即使这样,仍旧不能证明麝香会导致女性不孕,因为实验都是非常高剂量的摄入麝香。如果说吸入少量麝香会导致女性不孕,这是不科学的。   编辑:胡青梅相关的主题文章:

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